Brisbane Entertainment Centre

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Some links and information about one of my major projects:

My role was as the  Design Manager for the project including all buildings and infrastructure works, and also as the Senior Council Site Manager for construction of the project.  The Brisbane City Council Architects Section documented all of the Architectural work and Landscaping works. External consultants for Structural were Bornhorst and Ward. The Mechanical and Electrical Services were designed by Rankine & Hill. The specialist Entertainment consultant was Peter Dowling and Associates. The Acoustic consultant was P.R. Knowland and Associates. The catering consultant was John Giles and Associates. The Quantity surveying  was done through by a co-partnership between LTD and Rainey Lincoln. The programming and planning consultant was Proplan.

The design commenced in January 1983 and works started on site about November 1983. The City Architect Jacob De Vries did the conceptual design of the building. The Brisbane City Council Department of Health & Community Services tendered out approximately seventy-six separate packages over the period from October 1983 to March 1986.

All civil engineering design and infrastructure construction works outside of the building was done by the Departments of Works ( TBA) and Water Supply and Sewerage (Bernie O’Connel)

The building was built with the Brisbane City Council as the Client / Project Manager  and Constructor  and were led by Fred Sharp and Rick Graf.

The newly formed WATPAC  (Watkins Pacific Pty Ltd) was engaged by BCC as the Construction Management consultants. Their team was led on site  by John Gaskin a Project /Construction Manager, Bob Paviotti as the Site Construction Manager aided by on site supervisors such as Nelson Bachelor. Graham McSwaine as WATPAC  Construction Manager orchestrated the provision of construction staff . Headquarters Directors David Little and Brian Morrison led the WATPAC Team.

Brisbane City Council carried out continuing design and documentation on site and also provided quality control through Roger Copping, Jim Stevens, John Kliendienst and Clerks of Works Briian McGowan, Don Goodall and Vic Horsfall to name but a few.

The management of the venue was tendered by the Brisbane City Council and eventually awarded to the company Queensland Leisure with directors Harvey Lister and Rod Pilbeam who also provided expert  advice regarding the functional requirements to make the venue a truly multi- purpose Entertainment and Sports facility.

Harvey and Rod have managed the complex from that time to the current time with the company changing from Queensland Leisure to IFC, Ogden IFC and now AEG Ogden.

The first major event was the World Tour Ice Skating Spectacular led by Torvill and Dean in February 1986.

The venue has been named in 2013 as the No 1 venue in the 10-15,000 seat capacity in the world by Venues Today and Billboard magazines.

Please view additional information through the links and gallery below and also refer back to the Documentation Page for more reports.

Some Concerts and Events-YouTube

Picture Gallery – Click on image to open slideshow


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